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Rustic Crate Furniture

Dog Lady Dens are designed to turn your dogs crate into a stylish addition to your home! Available in single, double and triple dens. These rustic style dens are handcrafted using premium solid pine and steel rods. Each den features details including custom color scheme, a classic farmhouse top, stylized double locks and hinges, and a water/scratch resistant wood finish. Available upgrades include sliding barn doors, furniture feet, and storage shelves or drawers for added character.


Single Dens:

24" Small: 26”Lx19”Wx26”H
(Fits one dog up to 25 lbs)

30" Medium: 31.75”Lx21”Wx26”H
(Fits one dog 26-40 lbs)

36" Large: 38”Lx25.75”Wx31”H
(Fits one dog 41-70 lbs)

42" XL: 44”Lx30”Wx31”H
(Fits one dog 71-90 lbs)

48" XXL: 50”Lx32”Wx36”H
(Fits one dog 90+ lbs)

54" Colossal: 55.5”Lx32.5”Wx41”H
(Giant Breeds)

Double Dens:

4' Small: 50.5”Lx19”Wx26”H
(Fits two dogs up to 25 lbs)

5' Medium: 62”Lx21”Wx26”H
(Fits two dogs 26-40 lbs)

6' Large: 74.5”Lx25.75”Wx31”H
(Fits two dogs 41-70 lbs)

7' XL: 86.5”Lx30”Wx31”H
(Fits two dogs 71-90 lbs)

8' XXL: 98.5”Lx32”Wx36”H
(Fits two dogs 90+ lbs)

9' COLOSSAL: 109.5"Lx32.5"Wx41"H
(Giant Breeds

Color Options:

Antique White, Iced Mocha, Onyx Black, Ebony, Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Charcoal, Grey


Classic Top, 5" Storage Shelf, 5" Storage Drawers


Standard Hinge Doors, Solid Barn Doors, Rebar Barn Doors  (*SBD add 2" to the overall width)

Furniture Feet:

Flat Feet, 3" Squared, 4" Antique Round

Den Sizing Guide:

Under 25 lbs

Chihuahua, Jack Russell
Terrior, Pomeranian,
Yorkshire Terrier, etc. 

26-40 lbs

West Highland Terrier, Bichon Frise, Miniature Poodle, Pug, etc. 

41-70 lbs

Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, Cocker Spaniel, etc. 

71-90 lbs

Golden Retrieve, Labrador, Australian Shepard, etc.

90+ lbs

Rottweiler, Boxer, Standard Poodle, German Shepard, etc.

Giant Breeds

Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, Greyhound, etc. 

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